Carter, Crash. Tom “Crash” Carter is a young man who is so excited by flying that he spends his life’s savings to enroll in flight school. The school turns out to be run by Nazis, and after surviving an attempt on his life by them he enrolls in the Navy flight school. There he meets two men destined to be his best chums: Horace Kent and Looie Tizzle. They fight a Nazi mechanic at the flight school, and then go on to fight the German menace at other locations: at flying circuses, in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Aleutians, in the Mediterranean, and so on. He appears in stories with titles like “Captive in the Jungle” and “The Plasma Shipment Adventure.”

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #16 (Standard), Feb 1942. 26 appearances, 1942-1947. Created by Bob Oksner and ?












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