Carter, Craig. Craig Carter is an archaeologist who tires of his trade–he wants some excitement–and decides to give it up to be a crime fighter. Fortunately for Carter, Aben Toumay, an Egyptian whose life Carter saved, sends him a magic ring. When rubbed, the ring summons up the Greek gods, who are willing to do any favor for Carter. So in his first adventure Carter calls up Zeus, a pegasus, and Mercury, all to catch some criminals. In his second adventure Carter’s girlfriend is kidnaped by gangsters who want Carter’s ring, forcing Carter to summon Pluto (to duel the black magic of the gangster’s Hindu associate) and Thor. The story ends with Pluto loose on Earth.

First Appearance: Wham Comics #1 (Centaur), Nov 1940. 2 appearances, 1940. Created by Eddie Robbins.










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