Cosmo Cat. "Faster than a bolt of lightning---! Speedier than the fastest bullet! That's Cosmo Cat! The cat of tomorrow delivering a cargo of justice with his mighty paws!" Once just an ordinary alley cat, Cosmo Cat (initially “Cosmo Catt”) went to work at a munitions plant. He accidentally dropped a “U-235" bomb, and in the explosion gained super-abilities: “He leaps tall buildings with ease! He is endowed with the strength of a thousand elephants!” Now he is the “nemesis to all crime.” Soaring through space in his rocket ship, Cosmo Cat fights crime in space and on Earth-Funny Animal, from dogs who steal candy from kids to the inhabitants of Planet Evila, the Little Man in Black, and Horrorface. Cosmo Cat appears in stories with titles like “The Evil Genie,” “Smiling Martian,” and “Cosmo Cat and the Desert Rats.”

First Appearance: Ribtickler (Fox), 1945. 26 appearances, 1945-1947. Created by Pat Adams and Ellis Chambers. 









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