Corsair. “What strange quirk of fate guided the hand of destiny until it came to rest upon the shoulder of Jonathan Gallant, a born and bred son of the soil, and cast him headlong into a whirlpool of amazing adventures on the high seas: How could he with the mud of the plowshare still clinging to his boots, hope to cope with the merciless tactics of the most bloodthirsty pirates in history…: To win his fabulous sobriquet The Corsair!” In 1679, New England farmboy Jonathan Gallant takes to the sea and becomes a famous pirate. He appears in stories with titles like “The Corsair Meets The Raven” and “The Corsair Plays Host to a Ghost.”

First Appearance: A-1 #3 (Magazine Enterprises), 1946. 8 appearances, 1946-1947. Created by Chas. M. Quinlan and ?








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