Commando Yank. Chase Yale, a war correspondent in both Europe and the South Pacific, joins Naval Intelligence. He then puts on the costume of Commando Yank and begins fighting the enemies of freedom both as a reporter and as a costumed hero. He has no powers but uses guns, knives, and various fighting forms. He fights the Nazis in Norway, in Paris (alongside the apaches), in Holland, and fights the Japanese in China and the Philippines, even fighting a Yellow Peril, the High Priest of the Temple of the One Eyed Idol. He teams up with the Phantom Eagle to fight the Iron Baron. On his own, he fights giant poison-clawed talking Japanese man bats. After the war he fights Communists, winged serpents and Jaguar Men in Central America. He appears in stories with titles like “The Land Where Darkness Reigns,” “The Schoolboy Dictator,” and “The Kingdom of Ice.”

First Appearance: Wow Comics #6 (Fawcett), July 1942. 70 appearances, 1942 1948. Created by Clem Weisbecker and ?














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