Commando Cubs. Ace Browning, Pokey Jones, Horace Cosgrove II, Whizzer Malarkey, and Spud O'Shea are "sent to England to learn the effect of old world culture on kids of different backgrounds," but are "marooned" there at the beginning of the war. Inspired by the sight of commandos in training, the five train themselves to be junior commandos, and when the opportunity is right put their training into practice, whether by stowing away during real commando missions or by fighting German agents in England. After the war they stick together in the U.S. and solve mysteries. The Commando Cubs appear in stories with titles like "The Doomed Guerilla," "The Affair of the Fascist Five," and "The Case of the Cautious Count."

First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #36 (Standard), July 1943. 31 appearances, 1943-1948. Created by Richard Hughes and Bob Oksner.














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