The Comet. John Dickering, a chemist, is working at his research lab in Manhattan when he discovers a special gas. He injects the gas in his blood and finds that he can make great leaps through the air. He gives himself many more injections until he finds that he can emit beams from his eyes; when the beams cross, he has "dissolvo-vision," which disintegrates whatever he looks at. However, he can't control his vision except through the use of special goggles, which he wears with his costume. He is a killer vigilante. The Comet is helped by his girlfriend, the reporter Thelma Gordon. He ends up getting killed saving his brother, Bob who to avenge John becomes The Hangman. Before dying, he fights ordinary criminals and Nazis, is hypnotized into committing crimes and has to evade the police, fights Stinger Lee and his blackout machine, the Master and his death ray, and the evil surgeon the Eye Thief. The Comet appears in stories with titles like "The Face in the Clouds," "The Pawn of 'Satan,'" and "The Flying Juggernaut."

First Appearance: Pep Comics #1 (Archie), Jan 1940. 18 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Jack Cole.













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