Clock. Brian O'Brien, a former All-American fullback and champion polo player, is outraged at the widespread crime in the city, so he retires from his job as District Attorney and devotes his time to crime fighting, making criminals' time run out as the Clock. (The police hate him for this). He is helped by a young woman named Butch and a former boxer named Pug. He has no superpowers but is in great shape and is an excellent fighter. The criminals he fights are usually ordinary gangsters and Nazis, but there is also the occasional Mad Scientist and superhuman (like the massive, bullet-proof idiot Stuporman), He appears in stories with titles like "Robbers From Hades,” "Baffled by a Flower," and "Killer Kale Dies Tonight."

First Appearance: Funny Pages v1n6 (Centaur), Nov 1936. 86 appearances, 1936-1944. Created by George E. Brenner.














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