Rush, Click. Click Rush, “the Gadget Man,” is an amateur investigator who invents high-tech gadgets to help him catch criminals. He comes to the "big city" with the "notion of selling super-modern, crook-catching gadgets to the police." After the police laugh him out of a station house he is persuaded to become a private detective by a talking toad: "Bufa, of the species Bufonidae, which feeds on snails, slugs, insects, and such undesirable things....(I'm) eager to hire an expert private detective to investigate crimes I think need solving." The toad succeeds in convincing Rush to solve crime--the $10,000 fee for each crime helps–but proves to be an only average boss, enjoying giving Rush a hard time and displaying a mean sense of humor. Rush is tall, lean, and strong, with brown hair and brown eyes. Brown is his favorite color, and he usually dresses all in brown. Among Rush's gadgets are a portable x-ray device, phone-tapping equipment, a bulletproof vest, a repeating hypodermic needle he used to deliver a knockout drug; exploding matches; knockout gas vials; containers of liquefied tear gas; and a number of other such things.

First Appearance: Shadow Comics #5 (Street and Smith), July 1940. 3 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by ? Note: this is the comic book version of Lester Dent’s pulp character.


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