Claw. “’High Lord of Evil’ From every corner of the Earth have come weird tales of a monster—a terrifying giant—that tramples human rights and brings violent death to those who defy him. Some say his blood runs black. Others insist that to even touch him means instant death. Wherever he goes he leaves a crimson trail of death and destruction in his wake—that monstrosity of existence—said to be half man half animal—feared by all who know of him – as The Claw. Dwelling in the wilds of Tibet—this most ruthless and cunning of all criminals is even now plotting in his sinister mind a series of gigantic—uncanny schemes with which he is to burst forth with the power and intensity of a volcanic eruption—in an effort to gain the height of his desires—his one life’s ambition—the conquest of our nation.” The Claw, one of the two or three greatest supervillains of the Golden Age, is the comic book Yellow Peril supreme: an Asian tyrant who is Hitler’s superior, can grow to enormous height and has talons and razor-sharp teeth. He is the “master of crime,” the “god of hate,” and he commands vast forces (as well as a go-getter attitude). He has bio-engineered monsters, death rays, and bacteria bombs, among other toys, and he hates America and tries repeatedly to conquer it. He jousts with Daredevil and a costumed nemesis, the Ghost, over many issues before finally dying of a combination of poison gas and an electrical death ray. He appears in stories with titles like “Extra! Extra! Claw and Hitler Disagree Again!” “The Claw Blitzes Britain” and “The Claw’s War Machine.”

First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #1 (Lev Gleason), Dec 1939. 36 appearances, 1939-1945. Created by Jack Cole.









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