The Champ. The Champ is "a real he-man, an all-around champion, winning fame and fortune by his sheer physical strength, his unusual agility and great courage. Follow his exciting adventures in college sport. Go with him into battle against the dangerous underworld and treacherous foreign spies." He has no real name. Everyone just calls him "Champ." He has super-strength thanks to the "Marlin formula which makes a tonic. When mixed with cereals it gives Champ his super physique." Among the villains he fights are Japanese spies, the Yellow Peril Yellow Spider and the femme fatale Sue Katsu. The Champ appears in stories with titles like “Mayhem in Mexico,” “Battle with Big Pierre,” and “Espionage in Alaska.”

First Appearance: Champion Comics #2 (Harvey), Dec. 1939. 25 appearances, 1939-1942. Created by Adolphe Barreaux and ?







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