Chameleon. “Because of his unorthodox methods of crime detection, The Chameleon—genius of disguise—is often as much under the suspicion of the police as the criminals he plagues.” “Rat-faced men will turn white under their dirty collars and murderers will tremble with fear and look around furtively–for who knows where the Chameleon is now? Master of disguise–he could pose as anyone of them and be undetected.” Pete Stockbridge is the renowned Chameleon. He is a "crime-hater extraordinary, who is a wizard at make up and disguise." He’s assisted by the brutish Slim. He fights Yellow Perils and femmes fatale, the Architect of Madness and voodoo houngans, the melodramatically wicked brain surgeon Dr. Knife and the Hood, who leads the city’s kid gangsters. He appears in stories with titles like “J. Bryan Vincent Killed By Lightning,” “The Man Who Stole the Daumont Crest!” and “Chinese Backscratcher?”

First Appearance: Target Comics #6 (Novelty Press, July 1940. 91 appearances, 1940 1949. Created by John Junb and ?




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