Cavalier.  Rance Raleigh runs a curio shop with his large friend Rocky. Overseeing the curio shop is a portrait of a French cavalier, the Duc de Chantreigh. When the portrait frowns, “Rance Raleigh knows that danger threatens,” so he dresses up as a cavalier to fight crime. He is assisted by Rocky. Raleigh has no powers, but is athletic and uses his sword skillfully. Raleigh and Rocky fight murderers, saboteurs, and crooked reporters. He appears in “The Case of the Curious Dagger,” “The Case of the Silent Reporter,” and “The Case of the Antique Parchment.”
First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #53 (Standard), Apr 1946. 3 appearances, 1946-1948. Created by Sam Cooper and ?















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