Cat-Man. The Merrywether (later Merryweather) family is traveling through the jungles of Burma when bandits kill the mother, father, and sister. Young David is the only survivor. He is found and raised by a tiger, and gradually gains all the powers of the "cat family." He returns to the United States, only to be appalled by the evil he finds. He decides to fight it, as a private eye (later a soldier) in his civilian identity and as the costumed Cat-Man. He is assisted by his 12-year-old ward, Katie Conn, who puts on a costume and fights as Kitten. Cat-Man has cat-like powers; he can see in the dark, "leap many times his length," and can climb "anything." He also has nine lives; he is watched over by a "guardian angel in the form of a tigress," who can and does bring Cat-Man back to life when he is murdered. He fights everything from jungle natives, ordinary criminals, and Nazis to the Bridge Destroyer, a lost city of the Aztecs, ghouls, and the runty Nazi crime-master Doctor Sinister. Cat-Man appears in stories with titles like “The Man Who Conquered Death,” “Rajah of Destruction,” and “The Case of the Invisible Death.”

First Appearance: Crash Comics Adventures # 4 (Temerson/Helnit/Continental), Sept 1940. 36 appearances, 1940-1946. Created by Irwin Hasen and ?








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