Captain Wizard (I). A war veteran is unjustly accused of murder. He hides from the police in a wax museum, only to be discovered by a magician named Theophrastus Bombastus Paracelsus. Paracelsus instantly sees that the veteran is innocent and gives him a magical cloak and tells him to "be off, do good." The cloak gives Captain Wizard invulnerability, allows him to fly, and gives him plot device magic powers, as long as he utters the right phrase (“Melek Tawas!” “Taratara Boom Boom!” and so on). He is helped by Baldy Bean. In one case he takes on toys with minds of their own that are robbing civilians for their master, Mister Mischief.

First Appearance: Red Band Comics #3 (Rural Home), Apr 1945. 3 appearances, 1945. Created by ?







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