Captain Wings. “At this moment, far overseas, a quiet, square-jawed flyer fights in the air over Britain...Captain Wings, the greatest pilot yet developed by the war! Captain Wings! Phenomenal eyesight enables him to see even in the dark.” But “a campaign of terror has been launched against our air corps! You’ve been elected to break it up!” So Captain Wings pretends to be an “overcautious” air instructor while secretly flying, and shooting down the enemy, as Captain Wings. He is helped by boy mechanic Mickey and by Allied agents like the lovely, and deadly, Red Stiletto. After the war he goes after fascist subversives and communists, “Colonel Kamikaze,” a legless Yellow Peril who turns American pilots into “zombies,” the femme fatale bandit queen Madame Hell Hawk, the corrupt businessman Mr. Atlantis, and the evil female pilot the Sky Hag, among others. Captain Wings appears in stories with titles like “Sky Trail of the Terror Tong,” “Loot Queen of Satan’s Skyways,” and “Does Tomorrow Hold Death From the Outer Void?”

First Appearance: Wings Comics #16 (Fiction House), Dec 1941. 100+ appearances, 1941 1954. Created by Dan Zolnerowich and ?








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