Captain Triumph. Lance and Michael Gallant are twin brothers who share “bonds of love and companionship...stronger than any bond of steel or cable of strength that man could manufacture.” So when Michael is killed by a bomb placed by a Nazi spy, Lance swears vengeance. Michael's ghost appears and tell Lance that whenever he rubs the T-shaped birthmark on his right wrist, the two will merge and become Captain Triumph. Pressing it again separates the two. When they are apart Michael, still a ghost, spies on criminals and counsels his brother. Captain Triumph's sidekick is Biff the Clown. Captain Triumph has super-strength, flight, invisibility, and invulnerability. His enemies include Sydney Greenstreet-like Spade the Ruthless, the Mad Scientist Dr. Vossburg (“the Man Who Conquered Flame”), the Nazi spy the Raven (and his stolen sonic death grenades), and the unspeaking criminal mastermind known only as Silent. Captain Triumph appears in stories with titles like “The Castle of Shadows,” “The Tyrant of Toar Valley,” and “Captain Triumph blackens the Hypnotic Eyes of Khor.”

First Appearance: Crack Comics #27 (Quality), Jan 1943. 36 appearances, 1943 1949. Created by Alfred Andriola and ?









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