Captain Midnight. Captain Midnight is actually Captain Red Albright, who had gained his nickname for his nocturnal actions as an Army Captain during World War One. During World War Two he fights against German spies and domestic crime. He is an ace inventor who has a secret lab, a "Menlo Park of the desert," somewhere in Nevada. He is assisted by the Secret Squadron, by Joyce Ryan and Chuck Ramsay, his two teenage sidekicks, and by Ichabod "Ikky" Mudd, his greasemonkey, who later becomes Sergeant Twilight. Captain Midnight has no superpowers but has a "gliderchute" outfit that allows him to glide through the air, a "belt transmitter" that allows him to contact the Secret Squadron, his "doom-beam torch" infra-red branding iron, and blackout bombs. He's also an ace fighter pilot. Midnight fights the evil Russian Ivan Shark, murderous mountain angels in South America, the German scientist Count Storm von Kloud, and the Human Beetles of Death, among others. Captain Midnight appears in stories with titles like “The Vanishing Bombers,” “The Beasts That Flew Like Birds,” and “The Man-Killing Trees.”

First Appearance: The Funnies #57 (Dell), Aug 1941. 100+ appearances, 1941-1949+. Created by Robert M. Burtt and Wilfred G. Moore. Note: the majority of his appearances were in Fawcett comic books.








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