Captain Future. "Andrew Bryant seeks to find and develop an ultra-short wave for the transmission of radio and electrical impulses," and when he crosses the "infra-red band with the gamma ray" he is “charged with electrical power!” He gains the ability to fly, to hurl energy bolts from his hands, super-hearing, mind-reading (with his “radio mind”), and super-strength. His enemies vary from German (“Nazonians”) and Japanese agents to Dr. Allirog, a Moreau-like Mad Scientist who creates “fiendish monsters” and who transplanted his brain into the body of a bear with the head, hands, and feet of a gorilla, to Dr. Bio, who creates horse-sized tarantulas with human faces, to kaiju-sized alligators. Captain Future is helped by his girlfriend Grace Adams, of the Agatha Detective Agency. Captain Future appears in stories with titles like "The Lady Detective and the Dope Smugglers" and "Kidnappers and Quicksand."

First Appearance: Startling Comics #1 (Standard), June 1940. 45 appearances, 1940-1947. Created by Kin Platt and ? Note: the comic book character has nothing in common with Edmond Hamilton’s pulp character of the same name.








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