Fury, Captain. “Captain John Fury, sea roving adventurer, known on the seven seas for his physical daring and nautical knowledge. Cap is ably assisted at all times by Spike Briggs, chief officer, and Hurricane Dan, first mate of the adventurer’s vessel, ‘Whirlwind.’” The Whirlwind is a tanker converted into an armed cruiser, armor-plated and packed to the gills with guns, torpedoes, and mines. Before World War One the Whirlwind was the scourge of pirates and all oceanic wrongdoers. During World War One the Whirlwind devastates the German fleet. Fury is a merciless scourge of criminals. He is brutal when he needs or wants to be and even engages in torture if the ends, for him, are justified. He is helped by his first mate “Hurricane” Dan Belmont.

First Appearance: Doc Savage Comics #1 (Street and Smith), 1940. 10 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by ? Note: This is the comic book version of Norman A. Daniels’ pulp character The Skipper.




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