Captain Fearless (I). “With wanderlust in his powerful blood Captain Fearless ranges the wide world in search of exciting adventure…wherever there is fight, trouble, intrigue, there you’ll find Captain Fearless going into action! The blockade-running sloop “The Wasp” – two days out of Calcutta, India, with munitions for the Chinese government. In command is Captain Fearless, young, handsome swashbuckling former All-American halfback.” He fights against a traitorous Chinese Yellow Peril. Captain Fearless (I) appears in “Ting Ling’s Power Play” and “In the Clutches of Ting Ling.”

First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #1 (Lev Gleason), Dec 1939. 2 appearances, 1939-1940. Created by Malcolm Kildale.




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