Dash, Captain (I). “Speed with us on the wings of time to the 31st century. Science has raised the life span of the average human to 165 years. It’s a half-hour rocket trip from London to New York. But when you’d get there you’d never recognize it! Now a great city rears skyward, and a greater nation enjoys the ‘more abundant life’! This is the era of Captain Dash!” Captain Dash (I) is the leader of the security air fleet for New York City during the 31st Century, defending America against all threats. He has no superpowers but is a good fighter and has lots of advanced weaponry. In his lone appearance he fights against the air fleet and fear plague of the Yellow Peril Marmon, “ruler of the Pacific isles.”

First Appearance: Comedy Comics #9 (Marvel), Apr 1942. 1 appearance. Created by Ben Thompson and ?









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