Captain Courageous. Captain Courageous is an "omnipresent" supernatural being who is called to our planet when "brave men and women ask for courage." During WW2 Captain Courageous responds to Americans' pleas and appears to help the Allies, although his aims are often more modest–e.g., helping a small girl clear her father’s name. Courageous will rough up police and soldiers if he has to. He only has one identity, and calls himself “ole Courageous” while wearing a suit and tie. He assaults Nazis who have catapult planes concealed in a skyscraper and planes disguised as American planes as well as man-eating locusts and Yellow Peril superhumans like the costumed Captain Nippo, a recurring character. Captain Courageous has super-strength, flight, limited invulnerability (he’s bulletproof but can be gassed), and can exist unaided underwater. He appears in stories with titles like “The Black Mayor,” “Green Skull” and “Unholy Death.”

First Appearance: Banner Comics #3 (Ace), Sept 1941. 38 appearances, 1941-1947. Created by ?









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