Captain Commando. John Grayson, a patriotic type, decides that he can best serve America by fighting the Germans from inside Occupied Europe. He carries out commando raids, but at home pretends to be a foppish wimp, much to the disgust of his son Billy. However, Billy and his three friends–from Britain, France, and Norway–want to fight the Germans, so they sneak out on a commando raid, which coincidentally Captain Commando is on. Billy discovers who Captain Commando is, and joins his father on further raids. Billy and his friends are the Boy Soldiers. Captain Commando has no superpowers. He appears in stories with titles like “Man Without a Country,” “The Pyramid Pillbox,” and “The Hunchback’s Tale.”

First Appearance: Pep Comics #30 (Archie), Aug 1942. 25 appearances, 1942-1946. Created by S.M. Iger and Alex Blum.









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