Crandall, Buzz. Buzz Crandall is a Lieutenant in the Space Patrol. “Cruising through space in their atom-powered ship, Buzz Crandall and his hardy crew are constantly alert to safeguard the lives of reckless earthmen who wander off to other planets. Scientists, adventurers and treasre-hunters who invade the frontiers of the universe, all too often succumb to the perilous pitfalls of the unknown, or get captured by the hostile inhabitants of another world.” Crandall is advised by Dr. Curan and helped by the Doctor’s daughter Sandra, as he flies the space lanes and explores “strange new worlds.” He has the usual blaster and spaceship. There are the vicious, semi-intelligent sharkmen of Neptune to defeat; there are the headless flower people of an asteroid to oppose; the Mad Scientist Sinfo and his Crab Men to discover; the Outlaw Amazons of Saturn’s Twelfth Moon to confront; and the lovely hostage of the brutish, pterodactyl-riding kurmen to free. Crandall appears in stories with titles like “Stampede on the Star Trail” and "Castaways of the Swamp Star."

First Appearance: Planet Comics #1 (Fiction House), Jan 1940. 14 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by ?








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