Buckskin Kid. “In the early days of the old west, when Conestoga wagons trundled across the dusty plains, their greatest fear was the dreaded Comanche war whoop–and the attack that followed! Out of this maelstrom of death and torture rose the gallant form of the ‘Buckskin Kid’...an expert rifleman, a knife thrower...a white man who lived with the redman.” Taken as a baby from a wagon train, the infant Kid is raised by Chief Red Arrow. Called the “White Raven” by his native family, he leaves them as a teenager and is trained by Kit Carson. As an adult he becomes a guide and fights against evil natives and white men.

First Appearance: Gunfighter #5 (EC), Summer 1948. 10 appearances, 1948-1950. Created by Johnny Craig and ?










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