Collins, Breezy. Breezy Collins is the leader of the Glider Patrol, "three real American boys and a girl...and all interested in aviation." They are: Breezy, a "typical aviation-minded American boy;" William Collins, "Breezy's dad--a skilled aircraft mechanic;" Wings West, a chunky boy and "a capable glider pilot;" Nails Nelson, "the patrol's newest recruit--reads all the books on aviation he can find;" Janice Jones, the very attractive blonde who "has an intense interest in flying--as well as in Breezy!" Together, this intrepid group patrols the skies with their glider and fight Nazi spies and gangsters on the homefront. They appear in “The Pickup Plane Spy Ring.”

First Appearance: Kid Komics #1 (Marvel), Feb 1943. 1 appearance. Created by Ray Gill and Bob Oksner.













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