Brailey of the Tropics. Joe Brailey is a live animal trapper whose assignments bring him across Africa and Asia. He is relatively kind to the natives and the animals, but will kill when he has to. North of the Congo he fights an evil witch doctor and rescues a girl left to grow among mandrills. In Tibet, in pursuit of the snow leopard, he ends up overthrowing Chinese rule of a town and appointing a new lama. And so on. He is assisted by Maudie, a feisty young Cockney women who is good with knives and travels with a pet tiger, Whiskers. He appears in stories with titles like "The Sacred White Elephant" and "The Lama of Kadak."

First Appearance: Funny Picture Stories #1 (Centaur) Nov 1936. 4 appearances, 1936-1937. Created by Victor Dowling.









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