Boy Explorers. The Boy Explorers are four orphans from America and three European countries: Gadget, “whose weird inventions had made the quartet the bane of (orphanage superintendent) Miss Axehandle’s existence; Gashouse, “that hard-bitten kid from Brooklyn who has lost bothi his dear parents at so early an age; Smiley; and Zero, “the tot whom Smiley had befriended his first day at the orphanage and who had never been more than three feet away since.” After leaving the orphanage they sail around the world in a Yankee Clipper helmed by their pal Commodore Sinbad. They appear in stories with titles like “The Edge of the World,” “The Isle Where Women Rule,” and “A Trip to the Moon.”

First Appearance: Stuntmen #1 (Harvey), Apr-May 1946. 7 appearances, 1946-1951. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. 






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