Bouncer. Adam Antaeas, Jr., is a sculptor and artist. He creates a statue of the Greek "god" Antaeus, only to find that when danger threatens the statue comes to life. When that happens, Adam gains super-strength--the statue already has it--and can, like the statue, bounce through the air and land on bad guys, stopping them cold. Of course, like the mythical Antaeus Adam and the statue are vulnerable in mid-bounce. Most of the Bouncer’s enemies are ordinary criminals, although in one case he does take on a clown who claims to be Satan. The Bouncer appears in stories with titles like “The Murder in Masquerade,” “The Bouncer Meets Himself,” and “Adventure of the Uneasy Graveyard.”

First Appearance: The Bouncer #10 (Fox), 1944. 19 appearances, 1944-1946. Created by Louis Ferstadt and Bob Kanigher?








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