Boomerang. “Introducing Boomerang–fearless fighter for the U.S. Army Intelligence! His job is to...well, read on! The military world does not know that Captain Lloyd Raleigh is the much feared Boomerang!” As a military officer, his job is to “eliminate” the “sadistic at a time.” When going undercover against the Germans doesn’t work, he breaks out the costume and the boomerangs. His enemies are on the outre side, such as a sadistic German who executes prisoners with a headsman’s axe. Boomerang’s partner is the British agent Diana. He has no powers, but he uses guns and boomerangs to kill with. He appears in stories with titles like “The Butcher of Berlin” and “The Duke of Terror Castle.”

First Appearance: Terrific Comics #2 (Holyoke), Mar 1944. 4 appearances, 1944. Created by L.B. Cole and ?










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