Blue Tracer. Bill Dunn, an engineer with a British division in Ethiopia, is the only survivor of an attack by the M'bujies, supernatural beings with world-conquering aims. Dunn is injured and nursed back to health, and then decides to carry the attack to the enemy, both the M'bujies and the Axis. He builds a special vehicle, the Blue Tracer, and uses it against the Bad Guys, which range from Nazis to the Yellow Butcher of Koko Nor to Dr. Schwein, who has created a regeneration formula for German soldiers. The Blue Tracer has no powers, but he created and pilots the Tracer, an all-terrain vehicle which can fly, drive, and go under water, and which is armed with machine guns, cannon, and torpedoes. The Blue Tracer appears in stories with titles like “The Jap Invasion of Alaska,” “The Thing,” and “The Iceberg of Death.”

First Appearance: Military Comics #1 (Quality), Aug 1941. 16 appearances, 1941-1943. Created by Fred Guardineer.


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