Blue Lady. Adventure novelist Lucille Martin is on her way back from China, where she's been doing research for a new novel, when Lotus, the maid of Chin Liang, at whose house she stayed, gives her a jade idol and a ring, as Lotus believes she is in danger. Lotus is murdered, and Martin accidentally steps on the ring, which fills the room with gas. After inhaling the gas and passing out, Martin awakens to find that she has super-strength and endurance. She uses her newfound powers to fight criminals: a Yellow Peril crime lord, Japanese agents, and a gangster known as “the Trigger.” The Blue Lady’s fiancé, Larry Grant, does not know that she is the Blue Lady.

First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #24 (Centaur), Oct 1941. 3 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Frank Frollo.


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