Blue Blaze. In 1852 college student Spencer Keen is shown the "Blue Flame," which his father (a professor at "Midwest College") has discovered. While Spencer is being shown this, a tornado sweeps across the town Midwest College is in, killing 85% of the town's population and exposing Spencer to the Blue Flame. He goes into a coma and is presumed dead, and is buried. He actually goes into hibernation; in 1940 he awakens and fights crime and evil, both inside the US and abroad. He has super-strength, invulnerability, and the ability to be transported underground to "new centers of crime." He fights the Yellow Peril zombie master Professor Mulaski, Dr. Vortex, who tries to foment war via his hate ray; and Dr. Gair and his “sinister gazer of the stars.”

First Appearance: Mystic Comics #1 (Marvel), Mar 1940. 4 appearances, 1940. Created by ?




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