Blue Beetle. Dan Garrett, a rookie cop, is offered the use of "vitamin 2-X" by Dr. Franz, who wants the empowering vitamin to be used only by someone pure of heart. Garrett uses his new powers to fight crime. While under the influence of 2-X he has super-strength, and he wears a bulletproof blue chain mail costume. He also drives around the city in a hopped-up roadster and projects his beetle insignia onto walls in order to frighten criminals. The villains he confronts range from ordinary criminals and Nazis to Mad Scientists, evil surgeons, the Mastermind of Crime, Skull the Saboteur, Borgo the Mirror Murderer, Egg-Head, the Ape Gang, and the child-murdering bomber Magog. He is helped by Sparky (II). He appears in stories with titles like “The Mastermind of Crime,” “Dr. Krug’s Explosive Gorillas,” and “Borgo, the Mirror Murderer.”

First Appearance: Mystery Men Comics #1 (Fox), Aug 1939. 100+ appearances, 1939-1950. Created by Will Eisner and Charles Nicholas.


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