Blonde Phantom. By day Louise Grant is the secretary for Mark Mason, the owner and sole operator of the the Mark Mason Detective Agency. By night Louise puts on a domino mask, a long red evening gown, lets her hair down, and fights crime. She has no superpowers but is athletic and a good fighter. She is also on friendly terms with "Father Time, the Grim Reaper," a "quasi-angelic/ghostly figure" who was revealed to be responsible for selecting those destined to die. She fights ordinary gangsters, femmes fatale, the monstrous Baron Frankenstein, the insane Carlo the Killer, the stage magician criminals the Mad Magicians, and Stillface, a thug whose maimed face was rebuilt with plaster. The Blonde Phantom appears in stories with titles like “The Mental Maelstrom,” “The Clown Who Couldn’t Laugh,” and “Mad Music Moans a Devil’s Dirge.”

First Appearance: All-Select Comics #11 (Marvel), Fall 1946. 50 appearances, 1946-1949. Created by Stan Lee, Syd Shores, and Charles Nicholas.


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