Barton, Blaze. In the year 50,017 A.D. Blaze Barton is confronted with the problem of the Earth spiraling towards the sun. With the help of Professor Solis and his daughter Betty (Blaze's girlfriend) Blaze constructs a "great, heat-proof city" in which humanity's best and brightest are invited to stay. Everyone else dies, and when Blaze goes out to investigate the rest of the Earth he discovers that creatures from the center of the Earth have crawled out to live on the surface. War follows between the two races. Barton appears in stories with titles like “The Venusian Expedition,” “King of the Rockmen,” and “Mission to Uranex.”

First Appearance: Hit Comics #1 (Quality), July 1940. 13 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Henry Kiefer and Toni Blum. 

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