Black X. “Espionage, a dangerous branch of the service, in which there is no turning back, no rescue if you are caught, no glory if you succeed.” Black X is a suave American secret agent who fights the enemies of freedom both at home and abroad: Panama, Tuvania, Devil’s Island, Finland, etc. These enemies include the foreign spy Baron Basil, the Death Squadron and their Suicide Torpedoes, Proxoss the Revolutionary, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Legion of Living Bombs, and the femme fatale (and Black X’s Loving Enemy) Madame Doom. For a short period the Black X is known as the “Black Ace.” He is assisted by his telepathic Indian companion Batu, who he treats with an unusual amount of respect for this era. He appears in stories with titles like “The Tyrant of Chengow,” “The Invasion of Mexico,” and “The Temple of Mars.”

First Appearance: Feature Funnies #13 (Quality), Oct 1938. 100+ appearances, 1938-1949. Created by Will Eisner.








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