Black Rider (II). Matthew Masters, the notorious Cactus Kid, broke up a hostage situation by killing the gang responsible, but at the cost of being captured by the police. The remorseful Kid was granted a reprieve by the Governor of Texas and graduates from medical school, but when one of his patients is murdered by a thug, Masters does nothing and is branded a coward by the townfolk. Masters, stung by that label and unwilling to let that sort of evil continue, fashions  himself a mask and costume and avenges his patient's death. After that Masters continues to fight crime as the Black Rider, riding his horse Satan whenever evil threatens. He appears in stories with titles like “The Secret of the Human Cargo!” “Mystery of the Valley of the Giants!” and “The Deadly Forest.”

First Appearance: All-Western Winners #2 (Marvel), Winter 1948. 32 appearances, 1948-1959. Created by Syd Shores and ?






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