Black Owl. Doug Danville, a wealthy playboy, decides to fight crime and puts on his costume and begins his career. His love interest in Terry Dane, “lovely young private detective,” but she only has eyes for the Black Owl. Eventually he enlists in the Army and hands down his costume to Walt Waters, the father of Yank and Doodle. Waters becomes the new Black Owl. Neither Black Owl has any superpowers. His Rogues Gallery includes ordinary criminals, Axis agents, the Whistler, the femme fatale Madame Mystery, the murderous Reaper, Chief Skullface (a white man posing as a legendary Native American), the jolly evil prankster the Laughing Head, and the superhumanly strong and clever circus dwarf the Terrible Midge, who hates everything big. The Black Owl appears in stories with titles like "Black John Pegleg," "The Hundred Club," and "The Dark Terror."

First Appearance: Prize Comics #2 (Prize Publications), Apr 1940. 67 appearances, 1940-1947. Created by Pete Riss, Robert Turner, and Jack Binder. Note: He was previously K the Unknown.


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