Blackout (II). “Blackout! Blackout! Blackout!!! All Germany is electrified by the name–Nazi officials tremble with fear and victims of persecution are filled with renewed hope and courage–who is this champion, this avenger of the night who wages America’s battle within the stronghold of the enemy?” Jack Wayne is an American reporter who is caught in Germany when Hitler declares war on the U.S. The Gestapo torture and blind him, but he escapes their clutches and links up with the German underground, one of whose doctors gives him special glasses that allow him to see. He vows to make the Germans pay, and he does. He has no superpowers. He appears in stories with titles like “The Bell Tower of Doom,” “Journey of Destruction,” and “Night in Augsberg.”

First Appearance: Cat-Man Comics #10 (Holyoke), May 1942. 15 appearances, 1942-1944. Created by Robert Brice and ?




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