Black Hood. Kip Burland, a night cop, is framed for a jewel robbery. While investigating the real crook, he is shot. He is discovered by a hermit (named the Hermit) who helps him heal and gets him into top physical shape. With a costume designed by the Hermit, Burland becomes the Black Hood and clears his name. He has no powers, but he is assisted by the Hermit (who is also a scientist), by a Lois Lane in the person of Babs Sutton, and he has the Hoodcycle, a motorcycle which can transform into other vehicles. He takes on villains like the Skull (the Black Hood’s arch-enemy and the man responsible for Burland becoming the Black Hood), the Panther Men, the Animal Man, the Mist (who can change into a cloud of mist at will), the Mold (who transforms humans into mold), and Octavius, the violinist and author of “the Dance of Death.” He appears in stories with titles like “Lighthouse of the Lorelei,” “The Headless Horsemen of Cripple Creek,” and “The Man Who Would Be God.”

First Appearance: Top-Notch Comics #9 (Archie), Oct 1940. 100+ appearances, 1940-1947. Created by Cliff Campbell and Al Camy.

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