Blackhawk. A young Polish fighter pilot takes on the German Butcher Squadron during the German invasion of Poland and shoots most of them down but is gunned down in the end. He survives the crash and goes to his parents' farm, only to find them already killed by the Germans. He vows bloody destruction for the Germans and puts together both his own airplane as well as a crack team of international pilots. He and they become the dreaded Blackhawks, among the greatest of the pilots of the Golden Age. The Blackhawks are Blackhawk, the French Andre, the Polish Stanislaus, the Dutch Hendrickson, the Norwegian Olaf, the Chinese Chop-Chop, the Russian Boris, the Polish Zeg, and the Texan Chuck. Their opponents range from ordinary German and Japanese pilots to femmes fatale (including the Black Tigress, the Black Widow, the Cobra, the communist Hitla, and Satana) to the Scavengers of Doom to Genghis Khan II to Mad Doctor Baroc (and his Z Bomb Menace) to the Thunderer and his storm machine. Blackhawk appears in stories with titles like “The Sunken Island of Death,” "The Curse of Xanukhara," and "The Golden Bell of Soong-Toy."

First Appearance: Military Comics #1 (Quality), Aug 1941. 100+ appearances, 1941-1949+. Created by Will Eisner, Bob Powell, and Chuck Cuidera.


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