Black Friday. “The sinister tentacles of Nazism are finally making themselves felt in America, and those who fight back are mercilessly murdered! Dangerous spies threaten the defense industries that will carry America to victory...can the mysterious Black Friday alone smash this vicious ring of saboteurs?” Black Friday used to be Lee Ainsley, an American counter-intelligence agent. But he was murdered by German agents. Or so everyone thinks: “with the help of a famous doctor and a faked death certificate Ainsley did not die. But no one must ever know that I’m alive.” Now, as Black Friday, he leads the fight against “the sinister tentacles of Nazism,” assisted only by Colonel Runavan of the Secret Service. Black Friday appears in “The Ring of Saboteurs” and “Wrath of the Black Arrow.”

First Appearance: Cat-Man Comics #8 (Holyoke), Mar 1942. 2 appearances, 1942. Created by Allen Ulmer and ?




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