Black Dwarf. The Black Dwarf (the source of the name is never given) is Shorty Wilson, who retired from professional football to “turn the heat on the Underworld” as a Shadow-manque. He is assisted by former criminals: Arsenic, his femme fatale best gal and lethal shootist; Nitro, an explosives expert; Dippy, a pickpocket; and the Human Fly, who is a human fly. The Dwarf has no powers but is athletic and a good fighter. He fights ordinary thieves, counterfeiters, and the crime lord, the King of Crime. The Black Dwarf appears in stories with titles like "The Riddle of the Red Box," "Doc Harvell, Counterfeiter," and "More Truth Than Fantasy."

First Appearance: Spotlight Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic), Nov 1944. 11 appearances, 1944-1947. Created by Gus Ricca and ?








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