Black Diamond. In 1869 a massacre of white settlers by Native Americans leaves only one survivor, a young boy, Bob Vale. When he is an adult his adoptive father is killed by the same white man who set up the 1869 massacre. Vale puts on a mask and costume and captures the killer, and then goes on to become a costumed cowboy vigilante. He leaves behind a black diamond calling card as his calling card and eventually becomes a U.S. Marshal. His very smart and capable horse is named Reliapon. His opponents are the usual band of Western bad guys: the Faro Kid, a killer bear, hostile natives, Billy the Kid, the Ghost of Skeleton Mesa, and so on. The Black Diamond appears in stories with titles like “The Devil’s Drum,” “Terror Island,” and “The Unbelievable Red Fire.”

First Appearance: Black Diamond Western #9 (Lev Gleason), Mar 1949. 100+ appearances, 1949-1956. Created by William Overgard and ?









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