Black Crusader. “From out of the misty vale of time that is history, Joe Mills, the man of a thousand faces, draws the creed of the Crusaders, liberators of the oppressed, protectors of the sacred ideal of human freedom. And robed in the dark secrecy of his supreme disguise, this master of masquerade pledges his life to his native America and sallies forth to battle her enemies as the Black Crusader!” Mills’ father develops a synthetic plastic but is kidnaped by wealthy French traitors. Mills tries to rescue his father but is badly beaten and left with a blood clot in his brain. A doctor examines Mills and tells him that he could die at any time. Justifiably feeling that he has nothing left to lose, he uses his father’s synthetic plastic formula to make a flexible mask, which Mills uses to impersonate people. Thus armed, he fights German spies and the roving head of the Gestapo who is active in the United States.

First Appearance: Red Dragon #6 (Street and Smith), Mar 1943. 2 appearances, 1943. Created by Bruce Elliot and Jack Binder.










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