Black Condor. Richard Grey, Junior, is orphaned when his archaeologist parents are attacked and slain by Mongol warriors. Junior is raised by giant black condors and taught how to fly. Years later, he meets a hermit monk, who names him "Black Condor" and encourages him to use his powers for good. Junior agrees, and makes his way to the U.S., where he replaces the recently-murdered Senator Thomas Wright (his visual double) and fights for good as a Senator and as a costumed hero. The Condor has the ability to fly, strongly enough that he can carry others with him, and he also has a black ray gun. In one story he teams up with Uncle Sam, Hercules (III), Neon the Unknown, Quicksilver, and the Ray. Black Condor fights femmes fatale, the Eagle Battalion, Yellow Perils, Kite-Men (Japanese agents on flying kites), a Chinese Mad Scientist, a golem, and killer robots known as the Spinning Deaths, among others. The Black Condor appears in stories with titles like “The Menace of Sihn Fang,” “The Ghost-Gun Killer,” and “The President’s Been Kidnapped.”

First Appearance: Crack Comics #1 (Quality), May 1940. 32 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by Will Eisner and Lou Fine.








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