Black Cat. Linda Turner, daughter of a movie star and a stunt man, became one of Hollywood's biggest stars but grew bored with the make-believe life of Hollywood and decided to fight crime instead as the Black Cat. She trained herself in secret and did so. Her sidekick is Kit Weston, a young, orphaned circus acrobat. Turner has no superpowers but is a skilled fighter, knows karate and acrobatics, and is good with javelin and lariat. In Speed Comics #23 she is part of a one-time super-team with Shock Gibson, Ted Parrish, Pat Parker, Girl Commandos, Captain Freedom, and Dick Lane. Most of the Black Cat’s opponents are ordinary criminals and Axis agents, but she does fight a female Mad Scientist, the criminal brothers known as the Three Black Cats, a vampire, and after the war Russians in Afghanistan. She appears in stories with titles like “Skull Island Killers,” “Horror Behind the Iron Curtain,” and “The Golden Guns.”

First Appearance: Pocket Comics #1 (Harvey), Aug 1941. 100+ stories, 1941-1949+. Created by Alfred Harvey and Al Gabriele.








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