Black Angel. Sylvia Manners, a proper English society woman, lives in an ancient castle, and when danger threatens from the air she slips into the castle's underground hangar, puts on her costume, and flies her special plane against the German scum. She is often partnered with the "Black Prince," Colonel Prince of the RAF. She has no superpowers but is an air ace and a good fighter. As with Airboy, the Black Angel’s enemies are on the colorful side: Madame Claw, the Hag from Hades, the second Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Son of Rasputin, and so on. She appears in stories with titles like “Baroness Blood,” “The Inventions of Dr. Von Future,” and “The Black Angel vs. Miss Hun.”

First Appearance: Air Fighters Comics #2 (Hillman), Nov 1942. 20 appearances, 1942-1945. Created by John Cassone and ?






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